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Our Mission

“Your Partner in Excellence, Committed to Your Success”
Our mission is to be the trusted partner of choice for independent pharmacies, providing them with exceptional service and reliable access to pharmaceutical supplies. We are committed to their success and work tirelessly to exceed their expectations, delivering excellence in every interaction.

Our Vision

“Transforming Healthcare Delivery through Seamless Distribution Solutions”
We envision a healthcare ecosystem where seamless pharmaceutical distribution plays a central role in improving patient outcomes. Our vision is to transform healthcare delivery by offering technologically advanced, efficient, and secure distribution solutions that enable pharmacies to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional patient care.

Fast delivery and friendly service

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At Dynasty Pharmaceuticals, we go beyond being a supplier. We are your dedicated partner, committed to understanding your unique needs and providing personalized services that support your growth, efficiency, and success. Trust us to be by your side every step of the way, delivering exceptional value through our personalized services designed exclusively for you.

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There are so many reasons to buy from us


We prioritize integrity and ethical practices, building trust and transparency with our clients and partners in the pharmaceutical distribution industry.


Our company strives for excellence in all aspects of generic pharmaceutical operations, offering exceptional service, high-quality products, and innovative solutions to meet the diverse needs of our valued customers.


We actively foster collaboration and strategic partnerships with manufacturers, leveraging collective expertise and industry knowledge to drive innovation, efficiency, and mutual success in pharmaceutical distribution.

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Being a small but experienced business, our adaptive and agile approach enables us to navigate the dynamic changing pharmaceutical industry landscape, ensuring we consistently meet evolving customer needs and industry trends.

Customer Service

Our customer service approach ensures personalized support and tailored solutions, addressing the specific requirements of pharmacies and healthcare providers in our commitment to delivering outstanding wholesale pharmaceutical customer service.


As a reliable partner, we guarantee timely and consistent delivery of superior generic pharmaceutical products, reinforcing our reputation as a trusted generic distributor in the industry.


Our company embraces continuous innovation and leverages cutting-edge technologies, enabling us to stay at the forefront of industry advancements and provide state-of-the-art distribution services to our clients.


Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and fueled by years of experience in pharmaceutical sales to independent pharmacies, the founder took the leap to establish Dynasty Pharmaceuticals in 2010. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by independent pharmacies, Dynasty Pharmaceuticals was born with a clear mission to provide comprehensive support and tailored solutions to this vital sector of the healthcare industry.

With a deep understanding of the struggles that independent pharmacies encounter, Dynasty Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to offering a range of services and resources designed to empower these businesses to thrive. The company’s commitment to customer success is evident in its unwavering focus on personalized assistance and its relentless pursuit of excellence.


I have worked with Dynasty for more than 4 years now. Their customer service is friendly and they have good prices.

L.M. Caldwell Pharmacist (Santa Barbara, CA)

I have been buying from Dynasty for about 5 years now. I've seen them grow from 20 products when they first started calling me, to a company that offers a wide variety of different products. If they don't have a product I need, they will get it just for me and keep it in stock.

Paul M. RPh. Post Divisadero Medical Pharmacy

One of the reasons I buy from Dynasty is because they are on the west coast same as my pharmacy. Makes it easier for me to place orders later in a day. Anther reason is their aggressive prices.

Samir Patel RPh. Don's drug
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